Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha Price & Specification – How to Order Shisha Briquette from Indonesia Factory?

CV. Reedev Jaya Abadi is Largest Coconut Briquette Manufacture & Factory in Indonesia

CV REEDEV JAYA ABADI is an exporter of natural coconut charcoal briquettes from Indonesia. We provide the best charcoal briquettes ready to be shipped to various countries. Our production capacity reaches 5 tons per day. However, we do not only focus on quantity but also quality. We always maintain our quality by doing quality control regularly.

We produce 2 types of coconut charcoal briquettes which are briquettes for Shisha/Hookah and BBQ. Smokeless, Odorless, Sparkless, Durable, Low Ash, and High Heat.

Briquettes for shisha are made from 100% coconut charcoal shell. Our BBQ briquettes are food grade and zero chemical content. So it is safe for cooking use.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes Factory & Supplier Indonesia
We are a manufacturer of coconut shell charcoal briquettes in Indonesia


Coconut Charcoal Briquette Price and Specification

We produce charcoal briquettes directly in our factory using selected and natural raw materials. Smokeless, Odorless, Sparkless, Durable, Low Ash, and High Heat with a focus on quality, impeccable service and speed. For Shisha and BBQ. 2 hours burning time, ash from 1.8%, 99.8% no crack, drop test 3/3. 100% natural coconut shells.

The price of coconut charcoal briquette that we offer is very flexible, depending on the specifications you ask for. We are very open to you to come directly to our factory to negotiate briquette charcoal price directly at our factory. Contact us

Premium Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha & Hookah features :

  1. Eco Friendly
  2. Variety shape and size
  3. Specification by request based on buyer’s need
  4. Long burning time
  5. No chemical and smell
  6. No sparks while lighting or using
  7. Odorless and tasteless
  8. Low ash
  9. Flexible packaging
  10. Wholesale packaging


What is the minimum order for coconut charcoal briquettes for hookah and also shisha

The minimum order quantity is 20″ feet. Depending upon the shape of your coconut charcoal briquettes the weight can be various.

Cube shape size from 20 to 27 mm could fit up from 18000 kg to 19500 kg per container.

Finger or tube charcoal type needs a lot of extra space. We can fit up to 15500 kg per 20″ feet container.

The quantity depends also on the type of product packaging. If you purchase an internal box/brand name box of 1 kg it will consume more space and also will fit just 18 tones.

At the exact very same time if you order bulk product packaging in 10 or 20 kg master boxes – it will certainly fit much more – up to 19500 kg per 20 ” container.


Can I order a container less than 20 ” feet, like 5 tones or 10 tones?

Generally, we don’t offer less than 20 ” feet full container load. We are a manufacturing facility and it’s not efficient to produce much less than 15 tons in one batch.

Besides, it’s not allowed to deliver LCL or partially packed containers or mix containers with coconut charcoal briquettes. Charcoal briquettes are assumed by shipping lines as dangerous products and she’ll always be kept separately from other products.

That’s why it’s difficult to make sea delivery of much less than one full container of charcoal.


How to Order Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha/Hookah

To place an order for coconut charcoal briquettes is really easy. First of all you need to choose the shape, size and also specification for coconut charcoal. We are manufacturing shapes of cube, flats, pipes, fingers, rounds, pillows, hexagonal. Size may differ from 18 to 50 mm. It’s much far better to choose charcoal shapes according to the customer’s request.

Second step is to choose your spec. Main specifications to choose is ash content – how much ash left after charcoal briquettes is burned down. Less ash is much far better. All this we need to discuss and agree.

The 3rd step is to choose your product packaging. There are a great deal of variations to choose from. Basic is the inner box (brand name box) of 1 to 5 kg packed inside the master box (10 or 20 kg). The inner box can be made with laminating (glossy or doff), with emboss or gold/silver plating. Mostly the inner box is made with full color. The master box can be done in full color or black and also white only. It’s suggested to use a double wall surface. It’s slightly more expensive than a single wall surface but makes a box a lot more powerful.

Fourth step is verify your payment details and manufacturing schedule. Bear in mind that manufacturing can take up to 2 weeks. Plus we need time of 3 days to packing and staffing container.

We provide an invoice with spec details. By request we can sign additional export contact for you to comply with your country requirements.

Placing an order and finalizing the specification takes about 1 day. After an invoice is signed you might transfer downpayment. Remember that all money transfer is done on our business account in an Indonesian bank. We don’t use private bank accounts or non-banking transfers for the mass charcoal orders.

So to begin your coconut charcoal briquettes order please contact us using Whatsapp: +6285156857070 or (e-mail: After that, we’ll clarify and select together the shape and also size of briquettes, ash content and ash color, product packaging details. Finally, we’ll issue the invoice and buying contract.


Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes OEM and Private Label Manufacturer

Exactly just how can you get your brand name & label on coconut shell charcoal for shisha & hookah (Custom Brand). As a charcoal factory – we meet lots of customers. Most of them are requesting production of charcoal under their own brand name.

Our basic manufacturing policy is making charcoal under the client’s brand name. We do OEM, private label charcoal.

The first step to ordering charcoal under your name is to inspect if this brand name is a registered trademark or not. For instance, if you want your charcoal name to be Coco king or Nara Coco or Tomcoco – it’s all registered brand names.

Custom Package High Quality Coconut Shell Charcoal Cheap Price Coconut Shell Charcoal

Yes, you can have your own brand name on coconut charcoal. We produce under your brand name (OEM, Private Label)

To make under those names you need to prove to us that you’re the owner and sign related documents.

If your brand isn’t under registered trade mark – we can do it as soon as possible.

The second step is to send out your design in the format of.pdf We’ll bring it to the box manufacturer to make a sample design and change the dimension of the boxes.


Coconut Charcoal Briquette Supplier Indonesia

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha - Coconut Charcoal Shell Manufacturer in Indonesia

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